D&D Terrain That Changes The Game

Epoch Tiles are an intuitive and versatile tabletop gaming terrain that allow the GM to create fantasy worlds without restriction. Bring your imagination into reality.

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Modular & Versatile
3D Tile Gaming System

Double-sided tiles

Create fantasy worlds with your choice of sand, water, cave, castle, grass, and more! Double-sided tiles get you more creative bang for your buck.

Magnetic Connection

Our tiles’ lightweight and easily interchangeable design makes setup (and takedown) a breeze. No tin trays. No finger-aching clips. Just terrain that seemingly builds itself.

Create any TTRPG Setting

Embark on epic adventures anytime, anywhere. Our tiles are the dynamic terrain solution for any tabletop game that works with the standard 25mm grid scale.

A Dungeon master's best friend

Revolutionary and practical 3d terrain

Keep your players highly engaged with Epoch Tile’s detailed custom pieces while building a tabletop fantasy world from your imagination.

Insanely Intuitive to Build (And Change)

Epoch Tiles’ magnetic, double-sided design makes for an unbelievably easy terrain building experience. With no tin trays limiting the play area, and no fussy clips to slow disassembly, you’re simply left with hundreds of completely flexible options for your game. These tiles fly together in a way you haven’t experienced yet.

Create Battle Maps on the Fly - No Railroading Required

You prepared a castle before the game, but the players wanted to go to the beach? Happens all the time. Epoch Tiles makes it easy to completely shift the scene in minutes. Take your dungeon terrain to a new level. Let your players fight the monster when it’s best for the story. Let them find the hidden gold with dynamic scenery. Make unbounded arenas that befit their miniatures. Learn what it feels like to have terrain that makes you more flexible, not less.

3D Landscapes as Diverse as Your Imagination

Unchain your terrain with limitless combinations of tiles, walls, and detailed scenery. Epoch Tiles make it easy to give your dungeons dimension. Take your players through ancient forest roads, deserts of sand, mountains of dirt and rock, oceans of water, castles of stone- the options are endless. Our wide selection of custom pieces will bring your game to life. Give your player and creature miniatures the terrain they deserve.

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