Level up your Tabletop Gaming

An intuitive and versatile tabletop gaming terrain that allow the user to create fantasy worlds without restriction. Bring your imagination into reality.
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Over 40 Pieces Included
With over 20+ Unlocks to come!

Magnetic Tile Connectors

Easily connect terrain and change the gameplay on the fly with magnetic game tiles

7 Terrain Options Available

Access more terrain choices such as sand, water, cave, castle, grass, and more

Double-Sided Terrain Tiles

Optimize gameplay with double-sided tiles, increasing playing power twofold

About the Tiles

From combat to exploration scenes – Epoch Tiles does it all. Optimize your playing power & create topography like never before.

Customize Your Tile Sides

When you get Epoch Tiles, you choose which sides are on your tiles from sand, water, cave, castle, grass, and more!

The two sides work great with the magnetic design system, allowing to flip the tile over into the next scene as the group progresses. Build the next scene instantaneously, so the entire party can focus on exploring the fantasy.


Years of engineering & design has gone into creating this perfect 3D terrain system, to be used for tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and more.
This system incorporates all the designs, structures, and methods of the past, without any of the annoying bits like clips, pins, or trays.

Patent Pending

This 3D terrain system has already been approved for a patent pending, evidence of how revolutionary the product is. Epoch Tiles are quicker, more practical, and more fun to build out than any other terrain system out there.

Top Features

Unique 3D Terrain

Versatile and easy to build; change and take apart on the fly

Double-Sided Tiles

Get more play on each tile with double-sided terrain options

Press-Fit System

Gridded system makes it easy to move tiles around and place accessories

Personalized Terrain

Pre-primed tiles ensure players can paint and customize pieces with gameplay in mind

Magnetic-Connect System

Quickly build and tear apart immersive scenes to increase playtime and decrease wait time

Easily Transportable

Meant to to be played anywhere and everywhere! Disassemble the tiles quickly to take the game on the go.

About the Kits

Specially curated for Game Masters, by seasoned Game Masters. Building your immersive gameplays has never been easier.

Tech Specs

Tile Dimensions
2 x 2 inches
0.8 ounces
Durable Polypropylene (GF 15%)
Grey (pre-primed)
Magnetic (n42 neodymium)
Double-Sided (Choose of each side)
Tile Dimensions
3 x 3 inches
1.6 ounces
Durable Polypropylene (GF 15%)
Grey (pre-primed)
Magnetic (n42 neodymium)
Double-Sided (Choose of each side)


After you have backed a specific kit, you will receive an email asking which textures you want. Smaller kits will have the option to pick two textures, larger kits will have four or more.

Yes! We’re happy to send Epoch Tiles wherever you are located.

It will take around 70 days for the molds to be made and have tiles manufactured, ready to ship from our warehouse in Utah.

Our tiles are made to work with the standard 25mm (1 inch) scale, so they will be able to fit around or on top of any other terrain you may already have.

We will cross-reference the email address you gave us with your payment to the kit you select on this Kickstarter. When the Kickstarter finishes, we will refund you for your discount amount. If you used different emails, we’ll reach out to you.

Yes! Brad and Bryan started with making their own 3D terrain, and fell in love with the game-immersion it did at their own table. Unfortunately, other options were either expensive or impractical to use. Epoch Tiles came from their own trials and errors to eventually create the ideal system for 3D terrain.