An Immersive Experience

Bring your imagination into reality.

Epoch Tiles

It all begain with with some square tiles connected by rare-earth neodymium magnets. We then added extra terrain pieces connected to our raised grid. Build your scene quickly and watch your imagination come to life as your players become immersed.

Modular & Versatile

3d tile gaming system

Double-sided tiles

Create fantasy worlds with your choice of sand, water, cave, castle, grass, and more!

Magnetic Connection

Our tiles’ lightweight and easily interchangeable design helps you to save time setting up.

Create any TTRPG Setting

Embark on epic adventures anytime, anywhere.

A Dungeon master's best friend

Revolutionary and practical 3d terrain

Keep your players highly engaged with Epoch Tile’s detailed custom pieces while building a tabletop fantasy world from your imagination.

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